Individual sewing from My Designer

Every fashionista wants to look charming, stylish and unique. It is not always possible to achieve originality by dressing in the mass market. And spending a lot of money on branded products is usually irrational. In Ukraine, custom tailoring is offered by our service My Designer. Here we are ready to perform a full cycle of creating high-quality, stylish clothes of classic and ultra-fashionable designs for any features of your figure.

Website with unique functionality

How many times, flipping through a fashion magazine or blog, have you wanted “the same dress, but in a different color”, the same design, but with a different decor? My Designer helps to eliminate all these doubts, to choose clothes according to your taste and vision of style. More than 300 ready-made models and 500 variations of the selection of fabrics!

The uniqueness of the site is that it was created as a free tool for designers and stylists. It is easy to choose models, add them to your favorites, combine them in different ways. Everything is like in a virtual fitting room. You can create capsules of outfits: compare the combination of things by shapes, shades, textures.

Choice of clothes

The tailoring workshop specializes in the production of items of different seasons for the whole family. Creative masters have prepared entire collections in a modern, casual, street style. The process of choosing a model is clear and simple, and the page functionality helps with this:


  • user gender, age group (adults or children);

  • size (34-44);

  • the purpose of clothing (evening, everyday, business);

  • category (coats, skirts, dresses, trench coats, trousers, etc.).


The final stage is the selection of fabric. Its cost per meter is indicated in the price list, as well as the amount of material for sewing a particular product. The cost of materials is paid immediately, and tailoring services are paid after the delivery of the work. You can choose the price category, because you decide which fabric to buy: from the luxury segment or easier.

Free access to unique materials

My Designer studio collaborates with famous fabric salons, offers exclusive fabrics for the implementation of the most daring design projects. The format of cooperation may be convenient for you: choose a model + fabric, or vice versa - find the right model for a cool fabric. You need to pay for the fabric before sewing. It is possible to create items from luxury materials according to individual patterns. The cost of the finished product will be somewhat more expensive.

Believe me, the price for custom tailoring is fully justified:

  • you can create a model for any shape;

  • the master of the studio will draw a pattern with all the features of the figure (options are excluded: "does not sit", "pulls", "does not fit");

  • adaptation of different styles to the desired parameters of the models;

  • leveling figure flaws with decor, inserts, contrasting additions.

Designer outfits by you personally

You don't need any special education to dress stylishly and beautifully. My Designer will become your tool for the simple creation of a designer wardrobe. And Individual tailoring of clothes for men, children, women, collections of the same type for the whole family, for every day or special occasions, with embroidery, decor, or simple models from natural fabrics - any task will be quickly solved by our experienced craftsmen.

The online atelier is available on any day and accepts orders from different parts of the world. The site has recommendations for taking measurements for owners of standard figures, a full cycle of consultations for working with owners of curvaceous shapes. Making clothes is possible only after providing accurate measurements. All the professional secrets of this stage will be told to you in My Designer, if necessary, they will provide the services of a stylist to select harmonious outfits. Delivery of ready-made clothes by transport companies.

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