Fabric for clothes - the basis of its quality

Famous fashion designers and designers are very scrupulous about the choice of materials to create their collections. Any outfit can be ruined by a low-quality fabric, which already at the first stages of use will begin to deform, deteriorate after washing, lose color, etc. To eliminate all these shortcomings, Italian fabrics are needed for sewing clothes.

Recognizable features

Materials of Italian origin have occupied the luxury segment on the world market. They look excellent, do not lose their original appearance for a long time, demonstrate durability and reliability. Italian fabric for clothing is considered an indicator of excellent taste, helps to realize the most interesting design ideas. Why?

  1. High quality, EU certified. Hence the reliability and durability.

  2. Compliance to processing. You can create any outfit without any extra effort, working with the material is pleasant and comfortable.

  3. Ready-made clothes are comfortable to the body, easy to maintain, and durable.

  4. Variability of textures, shades, density. For a light summer sundress or for a warm all-season coat - there are solutions for different purposes.

Fabric selection

When individually tailoring wardrobe items, it is important to look for materials that are not only beautiful, but also practical, comfortable, pleasant to the body. What types of fabrics for clothes to choose depends on the category and style of the outfit.

The online studio My Designer offers a simple scheme for combining materials for dissimilar wardrobe items. You can choose the composition of the fabric yourself (natural cotton, viscose, elastane, polyester) for a specific category of clothing (skirts, dresses, trench coats, coats, etc.). There are ready-made models and the ability to combine any fabric you like into the desired outfits.

Clothing material is the basis of its practicality and convenience. Wardrobe items that are in direct contact with the user's body (dresses, blouses, shirts) need to be made from natural, hypoallergenic materials. Outerwear can be supplemented with synthetic fibers to improve performance, resistance to weather changes, etc. For children, choose only natural fabrics so that sensitive skin does not suffer from irritation.

My Designer is convinced that it is better to spend more money on luxury fabrics, to create a unique thing, than to chase branded goods, neglecting the quality of their work. Therefore, they use the premium segment of fabrics - made in Italy.

Quality beyond competition

In the My Designer catalog you can choose ready-made outfits or choose a fabric for a dress, children's clothing, men's suits, etc. Experienced specialists will help you find material of the optimal composition for your wishes and requirements.

The online atelier uses luxury fabrics of Italian origin. Perfectly even intersection of threads in the canvas, uniform coverage, clear patterns, prints. A huge number of textures and density. It is easy to find here flying organza, viscose for summer outfits and warm wool for a demi-season, winter wardrobe. Jeans, staple, linen, cambric, stretch-cotton, jacquard, corduroy, tweed - a variety of fabrics to implement your design ideas.

My Designer is your reliable partner when you need a quality suit, jacket, coat or a complete wardrobe update for the whole family:

  • only luxury fabric for sewing clothes (paid in advance before translating the sketch into reality);

  • creative craftsmen;

  • an individual approach to each client, taking into account all the features of the figure;

  • delivery of orders across Ukraine by transport companies.

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