My Designer - unique online atelier of clothing

Tired of the same type of mass market models, no desire to chase brands, overpay only for a tag? Our clothing atelier will become your partner for updating your wardrobe, creating unique stylish outfits.

Unique site functionality advantages

We’ve done our best to make our online atelier the best platform for expressing your creativity and design skills:

  1. Our site offers more than 400 types of habitual, simple and exclusive fabrics.
  2. More than 350 models of clothes for the whole family have been designed
  3. Ability to order a model according to individual patterns
  4. It is easy to find the right model and fabric for it on the site. Or vice versa - first, look for a fabric, and, taking into account its features, look for a product design.
  5. The clothes you like can be added to the “favorites” list, which could be quickly found in your personal account.
  6. Here you can easily visualize your full outfit by creating a ‘capsule’ to combine bottom / top, analyze how they look, change color, texture, etc.
  7. A design studio is available to you without leaving your home.

Sewing of individual models - according to the client's photo

My Designer - atelier of designer clothes. Creative craftsmen have created a variety of stylish outfits, unusual combinations and layouts of materials. We will help to eliminate inaccuracies, limitations in clothes for owners of a non-standard figure. You can forget about sagging at the waist, excessive tightness in the hips or chest. Each wardrobe item will be ideally adapted to the physiological characteristics of a particular person's bodily shape.

You can slightly alter the proposed model or create clothes from scratch according to exclusive patterns - it all depends on your capabilities and imagination. Sewing products according to personal sketches requires additional skills and time, therefore it is more expensive than the proposed templates.

My Designer is a convenient constructor for the implementation of unique, original design ideas. Choose a model for a specific fabric or choose a material for a cool model, pay for it, find out the approximate cost of sewing - and that's it, wait for a wonderful outfit!

Luxury fabrics

The coolest and most stylish outfit becomes undistinguished with the appearance of pellets, color fading after washing, deformation of the fabric and excessive hairiness. Our sewing atelier recommends focusing on the quality of the materials. It is better to spend more money looking for luxury fabric, to create a cool product out of it. High-quality fabric immediately makes your vestments be a luxury item.

Famous designers first of all pay attention to the composition of materials. Then why ignore this smart decision? The assortment of "My Designer" includes luxury Italian wool, jacquard, staple, tweed, crepe, satin silk, organza, etc.

We divided the materials into categories (for sewing dresses, jackets, coats, trench coats, etc.) and compositions (with the addition of viscose, cotton, polyester, elastane).

Designer outfits

The "My Designer" workshop offers ready-to-sew clothes for the whole family. In addition to the ability to choose models, combine them, see the price, here you can get advice from an experienced stylist who will tell you how best to combine the selected samples, which model, color, print will suit your body type.

With our tailoring atelier, you can always keep up with the fashionable direction in design, follow the trends! How can this be achieved?

  • order an individual design;
  • find a model in a blog or fashion magazine, our craftsmen will recreate it;
  • it is easy to choose clothes to hide figure flaws, to emphasize advantages;
  • quality is always in fashion.

Our studio processes orders from all over Ukraine. Delivery of finished products by “Nova Poshta”.

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